iNOEX GmbH and NAFFCO Flow Control: A Partnership Redefining Success

NAFFCO was established in Dubai, UAE in 1991 to be a leading manufacturer of fire fighting equipment, fire protection systems and piping systems. Over the years, NAFFCO has remained committed to investing in production and quality control equipment. iNOEX is very proud to say that today we have a large number of WARP radar units operating not only in the headquarters in Dubai, but also in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the USA. 

Currently, NAFFCO has the highest number of iNOEX installations in the Middle East with the iNOEX gravimetric and radar inline measuring system. It provides detailed process quality data that can help save time in adjusting wall thickness during startup, reduce startup costs and improve startup rate, but also saves NAFFCO from startup waste. Learn how iNOEX' SAVEOMAT gravimetric systems, WARP radar-based measurement systems and the iDM 4.0 Data Manager help reduce material cost and improves quality.

iXRAY Technology Thinking in Solutions

iBA GmbH represents one of our successful partnerships with our customers. The company uses iXRAY systems in their PE-Xa lines to monitor their production process to ensure the highest quality standards.


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WARP 1200 Shengbang China

WARP 1200 goes into operation - PE pipe production at Shengbang expanded again.


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WARP 100 implementet together with Aquatherm

Together with our customer Aquatherm, we implementet another WARP 100 radar scanner! As Aquatherm produces a very complex structured pipe – a composite reinforced PP pipe – the success of the project was not guaranteed. However, in a joint evaluation our two companies successfully installed the radar system in Attendorn, Germany.

The installed WARP 100 is the first to work in a composite enforced 3 layer pipe! It offers a 100 % coverage when it comes to the measurement of wall thickness distribution, diameter, eccentricity & ovality. In addition to that, more than 1100 measurements per second guarantee a gapless measurement. This is particularly important for pipes with high quality requirements, such as pressure or gas pipes.

The system provides huge advantages for Aquatherm, as Dominik Krebs, the Project Coordinator explains: "We want to be part of the solution on the way to a climate-neutral life. This includes using precious resources in a sustainable way. With this new measuring device we are taking another important step in this direction." 

An exciting and innovative project. We look forward to future projects!

SAVEOMAT and AUREX control the entire production process at Amtrol

The company was looking for a more cost-effective process to produce thin-walled liners for a new line of pressure tanks. With the collaboration of a team of industry-leading European technology partners, the company built one of the most advanced extrusion lines in the world.


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WARP portable used by Westfälischen Kunststofftechnik (WKT)

More than 8 years ago, iNOEX recognized the advantages of this key technology Terahertz at a very early stage and developed it to the now trendsetting measuring technique which is suitable for industrial surroundings.

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Pipelife France installed their first iNOEX WARP system

Our service engineer Salah Sannadi installed our WARP 8/250 radar system into one of Pipelife’s extrusion lines. Jean-Pierre Caro, Responsable sécurité et projet industriel at Pipelife, and the whole team are looking forward to future cost and material savings.


WARP 16/800 Pipelife Sverige AB

Recently, the commissioning of our new WARP 16/800 radar measuring system took place in one of the PE pipe extrusion lines at our customer Pipelife Sverige AB in Sweden.

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WARP inline & portable Pipelife Jetstream USA

New radar-based measurement technology enables processors to extrude higher-quality pipe with less material. With an automated closed-loop control system you’ll get more output and less scrap to signifi cantly lower costs.

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