Gravimetric weighing - consistently high quality of end products.

Continuous and highly accurate gravimetric weighing and level monitoring of solid and liquid materials, enable material savings through precise mass throughput and weight per meter control.

Gravimetric weighing is the basis of extrusion line automation. The funnel weighers, which are suitable for a wide range of materials, enable the weight per meter and mass throughput to be regulated by recording the measured data and by means of the integrated control system. The result is a constant production with reduced material consumption.

In this quantitative analysis process, the material to be dosed is measured by one or more integrated load cells. This automatically compensates for possible fluctuations in bulk density. This means that the end products are not only perfectly blended and of consistently high quality, but also that constant production with exact mass processing is possible. At the same time, material consumption quantities are recorded and reduced to a minimum. In addition to the high level of precision, the funnel weighers offer maximum flexibility through easy cleaning and fast product changeover. They are controlled by means of an intuitive user interface.


  • Constant mass throughput with raw material savings of up to 5%
  • Consistent weight per meter reduced to an absolute minimum
  • Reduction of start-up scrap
  • Optimum flow behaviour of the materials
  • Dead-zone-free filling, weighing, and dosing
  • Suitable for complex recipes and special applications (with up to 7 components)
  • Industry 4.0 ready for extensive production data collection and analysis


SAVEOMAT G is the basic version of the SAVEOMAT series. The Mono weighing hoppers is suitable for granules and are available in different heights. Depending on the control loop, they use the measured values to control the screw speed of the extruder or the haul-off speed. This increases production output, reduces raw material consumption, and ensures substantial savings. Control takes place via an intuitive user interface and offers numerous software functions.

Other advantages/features:

  • Optimal hopper geometry for perfect flow behaviour of the raw materials
  • Overload protection of the load cells
  • Dead zone free filling and weighing
TypeMass throughput (kg/h)Height (mm)Storage hopper (Contents l/Height mm)
G 200,2 – 2049015 / 375
G 600,8 – 6058015 / 375
G 2002 – 20063515 / 375
G 35010 – 35076040 / 635
G 50010 – 50084540 / 635
G 75020 – 75098060 / 845
G 100050 – 1000111560 / 845
G 140050 – 1400133095 / 1215
G 1600100 – 16001195on demand
G 1800100 – 18001255on demand
G 2000100 – 20001315on demand

SAVEOMAT P is a funnel weigher specialized for the blockage-free feeding of powder with a maximum chalk content of up to 20%. Thanks to the optimal hopper geometry, an enlarged inlet, turbine vibrators at the hopper inlet and the storage hopper outlet, material deposits and bridging are avoided. This ensures a stable production flow and a constant material flow with a consistent minimum weight per meter.

Other advantages/features:

  • Special hopper geometry for optimum flow behavior of powder with up to 20% chalk content
  • Blockage-free feeding of easily sticking material
  • Dust and moisture proof
  • Compensation of bulk density fluctuations
  • Enlarged weigher inlet and outlet
TypeMass throughput  (kg/h)Height (mm)Storage hopper (Contents l/Height mm)
P 75050 – 750880on demand
P 100050 – 1000960on demand
P 140050 – 14001070on demand
P 1600100 – 16001130on demand

SAVEOMAT HF is the dosing unit for materials with a chalk content of up to 100%. A consistent material flow is ensured at all times. Depending on the material and application, the SAVEOMAT HF has either a twin-screw or a spiral dosing unit, with which the products are dosed smoothly and cleanly. Both variants can be combined with other powder and granule weighers.

Due to the high feed rate fluctuations of powder materials, the measuring and control frequency for SAVEOMAT HF weighers is significantly increased. All PVC mixtures with a chalk content of up to 100 % can be precisely dosed.

Further advantages/features of

SAVEOMAT HF twin screw:

  • Co-rotating and self-cleaning twin screw conveyor
  • Very regular feeding of the material
  • Agitator in the hopper directly above the twin screw
  • Separate motor for the agitator
  • Special screw for feeding chalk
TypeContent (l)Mass throughput (kg/h)*
SAVEOMAT HF DS 150203 – 150
SAVEOMAT HF DS 350206 – 350

*For materials with a bulk density of 0,9 kg/l

Further advantages/features of


  • Agitator in hopper directly above the spiral
  • Separate motor for the agitator
  • Special spirals for PVC dosing
  • Easy change of the spira
TypeContent (l)Mass throughput (kg/h)*
SAVEOMAT HF SP 7002015 – 700

* For materials with a bulk density of 0,9 kg/l


SAVEOMAT COEX is a special application option for coextruded products. As precise feeding and exact mixing of the various material components is crucial in the production of pipes and fittings using the coextrusion process. Whether in the production of conventional PE-multi-layer pipes for reliable gas and water supply and wastewater disposal or in the marking of the pipes by coloured longitudinal stripes or colouring of the outer layer. Even when several extruders are used, the SAVEOMAT COEX application ensures a stable production process and a constant flow of material. Based on the recorded measurement data, the corresponding process parameters are regulated. The production of complex recipes enables a wide range of applications.

Other advantages/features:

  • Special application for coextruded products
  • Suitable for complex formulations and special applications (e.g. colored longitudinal stripes)
  • Hopper scale sizes freely selectable
TypeMass throughput (kg/h)Height (mm)(granular version)Storage hopper (Contents l/Height mm)
TW 200,2 - 2049015 / 375
TW 600,8 - 6058015 / 375
TW 2002 - 20063515 / 375
TW 35010 - 35076040 / 635
TW 50010 - 50084540 / 635
TW 75020 - 75098060 / 845
TW 100050 - 1000111560 / 845
TW 140050 - 1400133095 / 1215 and 115 / 1425
TW 1600100 - 16001195on demand
TW 1800100 - 18001255on demand
TW 2000100 - 21701315on demand

The flexibly combinable dosing station allows the exact blending of up to seven material components. Two configuration levels are available the DOS 2 (one main and one side component) and the DOS 7 (one main and up to six side components). Dosing is carried out according to customer-specific requirements. The processing of granules and powder is also possible. The dosing station can be flexibly equipped with different funnel weighers and thus fulfills the most demanding processes of gravimetric weighing. Common applications include film extrusion or PVC pipe production with complex formulations. The control system regulates the corresponding product parameters on the basis of the measured data acquired, so that an exact mass throughput is achieved with minimum raw material consumption.

Other advantages/features:

  • Suitable for complex recipes and special applications
  • Individually and flexibly configurable (DOS 7 also as 6-component dosing without main component available)
  • Hopper scale sizes of main and side components freely selectable
  • Variants for granules and powder
  • Easy accessibility and cleaning of components
Main component Throughput (kg/h)
HK 2002 – 200
HK 35010 – 350
HK 50010 – 500
HK 75020 – 750
HK 100050 – 1000
HK 140050 – 1400
HK 1600100 – 1600
HK 1800100 – 1800
HK 2000100 – 2000
HK 2500100 – 2500
Side componentThroughput (kg/h)
NK 200,2 – 20
NK 600,8 – 60
NK 2002 – 200
NK 35010 – 350
NK 50010 – 500
NK 75020 – 750

SAVEOMAT Liquid is the multi-component dosing station for the recipe-precise dosing of solid and liquid components. The use of silane and peroxide is especially applied in PEXa and PEXb pipe extrusion and cable production. Precise mixing of the raw material is achieved by combining a static and a dynamic mixer. An injection tube is integrated in the dynamic mixer, whereby the peroxide or silane is introduced and ensures uniform wetting. Thanks to its safety features, SAVEOMAT Liquid meets the highest safety requirements while allowing a wide range of recipes.

Other advantages/features:

  • Continuous, recipe-accurate dosing and conveying
  • Constant wetting of the raw material
  • Meets the highest safety standards (for example, through overflow basin with alarm triggering, pressure monitoring in the material lines, etc.)
  • Dosing and mixing of materials under inert gas atmosphere
  • Reduction of the peroxide percentage by approx. 10 % through uniform and continuous metering
Main component (kg/h)Side component (kg/h)Liquid side component (l/h)
2 - 2000,2 - 200,10 – 0,86
10 - 3500,8 - 600,18 – 1,62
10 - 5002 - 2000,36 – 3,24
20 - 75010 - 3500,72 – 6,48
50 - 1000 1,44 – 13,0
  1,80 – 16,2

The main component, side component and liquid side component can be varied as desired.

SAVEOMAT Satellite is the innovative vacuum conveying system in which the suction capacity can be split as required. The valve technology on the vacuum manifold allows the power to be split between different material separators. A control of the applied vacuum ensures a constant vacuum during material conveying and guarantees a delay-free material supply. Complete extrusion lines or entire production halls can thus be supplied via a single or several vacuum generators connected in parallel. The suction power is applied as needed for each individual component, ensuring careful feeding, even of critical materials. The coarse filter of each material separator, which separates the suctioned material into granules and dust during conveying, is self-cleaning when the air is depressurized.

Other advantages/features:

  • Splitting of the suction power according to requirements
  • Simultaneous conveying of several material separators
  • Vacuum is available immediately
  • Careful material conveying
  • Material bottlenecks are prevented and blower running time is shortened
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Suitable for PE, PP and PVC granules


SAVEOMAT G Data sheet
SAVEOMAT P Data sheet
SAVEOMAT HF Data sheet
SAVEOMAT Liquid Data sheet

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