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Throughout the entire product life cycle, iNOEX supports its customers with worldwide expert service. The result: Increased capacities, less machine downtime and long-term market competitiveness. The service concept of iNOEX is based on the best possible combination of high-quality, high-performance equipment and systems with the matching service offer and the supply of spare parts in OEM quality.


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Even before the purchase of a system, the iNOEX service department is available for consultation. With our experience, based on many thousands of installations, we determine the most suitable technology. In doing so, we carefully look into the product characteristics as well as the process engineering requirements of the production process. We offer customers worldwide comprehensive services to improve efficiency and production performance. The wide range of service solutions can be tailored and customized to suit any company's operations.

SUPPORT - We are ready to serve you

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. The friendly and committed service team provides competent assistance and fast turnaround of customer requests. We always think and act in a customer-oriented way. We attach great importance to an open and ongoing communication with our customers as well as to a permanent and personal customer relationship. We are at your service face-to-face - via service hotline or directly on site.


Service hotline - your direct line to us

The iNOEX service hotline is available to answer your questions about our products and to assist you with the installation of the systems and units. In case of a malfunction, a system failure or a system defect, our service team offers you fast and professional assistance and support.


In order to be able to help you as quickly as possible, please have the following information ready:

  • Serial or order number
  • System type (e.g. Gravimetric/SAVEOMAT, Ultrasonic/AUREX, WARP, QUANTUM etc.)
  • Location of the system
  • Error message/error description (as detailed as possible)
  • Your contact details

Service hotline: +49 5422 60 5070
or mail to: service@inoex.de


Where can I find my iNOEX serial number?

International service hotlines


Service hotline: +1 717 672 0870
E-Mail: service.usa@inoex.com

iNOEX China

Service hotline: +86 512 6568 0818
E-Mail: service@cn.inoex.de

Overview of iNOEX services

Mechanical installation of the products is usually carried out by the customer. Most iNOEX systems are plug-and-play solutions and can be commissioned quickly and easily. Customers are aware of the conditions on site and can flexibly choose the most convenient timing. The iNOEX service team is always available to assist with any questions. Optional on-site installation support can also be provided.


  • Plug-and-play solutions for fast and trouble-free commissioning
  • Support by our service team
  • Optional on-site installation support

After successful installation, commissioning takes place. This can be carried out either on site or via a remote connection by an experienced service technician or engineer.

On-site commissioning involves checking that all installation work, cabling and connections have been carried out properly and that the system is ready for operation. After parameterization, the technician ensures that the measuring function provides appropriate measuring values. Furthermore, the ordered control loops and functions are tested and the respective line is optimized.

Remote commissioning is carried out by the customer's own electrician who is in remote communication with an iNOEX technician. He receives topic-specific documentation and instructions and carries out the appropriate steps on site. Thus, no further special knowledge is required in addition to a technical qualification. Additionally, an internet connection to the product is required. iNOEX offers communication modules with pre-installed software, which are available as a purchased part or as a rental item. The license to use the software can be flexibly extended.


  • Fast availability of the systems
  • No travel expenses of the service technician for remote commissioning
  • Test of control loops and functions
  • Optimization of control parameters to the line

After complete commissioning of the product, a system briefing (duration approx. 2-3 hours) of the system operators and the operating personnel takes place. The employees are prepared for the correct handling of the system and learn the functions that are required when managing the system. This guarantees safe handling, efficient operation, reliable long-term operation, an extended product life cycle and the avoidance of downtime due to operating errors. Of course, by setting all parameters perfectly, precise measurement results are achieved, and line performance is improved.


  • Safe handling and efficient operation
  • Extended product life cycle
  • Avoidance of downtime
  • Improved line performance

The iNOEX training concepts provide customers with full control over all systems and equipment. While the one-day BASIC training covers a wider range of topics than the system briefing and preferably supports staff changes or the basic handling of the system, the EXPERT training offers more advanced knowledge. Complex topics such as the configuration of trends or special features of recipe production can be included in these one to two-day training packages. You will also learn about all relevant system functions.

The training packages help you to get the most out of the various solutions. The trainings can take place at the customer's site, at iNOEX or online. In addition to standardized training courses, the contents can be individually tailored and adapted to the customer by arrangement. The trainings take place in German or English language. Training material is provided in English.

Download Basic Training Download Expert Training


  • Maintenance and product knowledge of your staff is up to date
  • Internal expertise is increased
  • Reduces damage, downtime, and costs
  • Reduced risk of accidents

Interesting maintenance packages complement the service portfolio and offer customers better control of costs as well as planning of the service call. Scheduled maintenance maximizes uptime and optimizes system performance. At maintenance intervals of 12 months, the system is checked using system-specific checklists. If necessary, system components that are no longer functioning properly are replaced to ensure the best possible performance. Furthermore, the systems are adjusted, checked, and optimized if necessary. This minimizes the risk of machine downtime and plant or process failures and extends the product life cycle.

In addition to flexible runtimes, attractive spare parts packages and a contingent of prioritized hotline support are part of the iNOEX maintenance concept. Regular software updates, as an optional part of the service contract, ensure that all new or extended functions are available. This ensures optimal performance and fast availability.


  • Ensuring maximum performance and availability of systems and equipment
  • Extension of the product life cycle
  • Plannable costs of service calls
  • Regular software updates

iNOEX offers a calibration service for selected systems, which can be performed either by a service technician on site or by customer personnel under the instruction of an iNOEX technician. Since each sensor can change its characteristics slightly over time, it is recommended to calibrate the systems at regular intervals (once a year). During calibration, the measuring accuracy of the devices is checked and documented. The calibration standards required for this are traced back to national samples and are certified. Corresponding calibration equipment is offered by iNOEX as a purchase or rental item.


  • Certified verification of the measurement accuracy of the equipment
  • Excellent accuracy and performance
  • Calibration equipment available as a purchase or rental item

If errors or problems occur, the customer service department is available for initial diagnosis and problem solving and offers remote and telephone support. Using the serial number and a detailed description of the problem, the experienced service staff provide assistance in determining the cause and solving the problem. Thanks to extensive product and process knowledge, the systems are usually ready for immediate use. If the systems are equipped with optional TeamViewer access, the service experts can dial directly into the system to execute integrated diagnostic routines. After the problem has been solved, the customer receives a detailed report with the cause, the solution and the service times. If problem resolution via hotline is not possible, an appointment can be made for a field service technician.


  • Problem solving with the help of our experts with practical experience
  • Remote support directly at machine or system level
  • Short, fixed response times
  • Attractive credit packages offering the top priority level

If remote maintenance or repair is not possible, the following services are available to ensure the fastest possible readiness for use of the device as well as a smooth and optimal production process:

- Deployment of an iNOEX technician on site
- Sending in of the device for repair in the iNOEX factory

The repair is carried out according to a cost estimate and the component is returned after a system test. For many systems a replacement unit is available for this period if needed.


  • Avoidance of downtime due to replacement devices
  • Quickest readiness for use of the devices
  • Repair of components according to highest iNOEX quality standards at low cost
  • Lower operating costs

To get the right spare part, the iNOEX support and spare parts department will be of assistance. The competent support enables a quick identification and shipment of the required parts. Usually, an express shipment within Europe with 1 - 2 days transit time is offered. Assistance with any necessary formalities for import or customs clearance is also part of the service. To keep downtimes to a minimum, ready-configured cable sets, suitably configured replacement electronics, etc. can be provided. We are happy to offer specialized spare parts packages. All spare parts are supplied as original parts, which means the quality of the parts and electronics are the same as those supplied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).


  • Quick identification as well as shipment of the required parts
  • All spare parts in OEM quality
  • Downtime and production losses are reduced
  • Better planning of spare parts costs

Where can I find my iNOEX serial number?

You can find the serial number on the invoice as well as on the type plate. This is a 8-digit number. Examples iNOEX type plates:


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