X-ray technology is a robust and highly precise measuring instrument. It is used in wall thickness and diameter measurement for single and multi-layer pipes and hoses as well as cables and rubber applications. Modern X-ray components combined with the latest semiconductor sensor technology allow precise spatial resolution and repeatability in the µm range. The technology is used for multilayer tubes such as aluminium composite tubes, pressure hoses with fabric inserts, rubber hoses, foamed products, medical hoses, and tubes as well as cables. The µm-accurate reproducibility of the products and quality assurance during extrusion are the main focus here.


  • Wall thickness and diameter measurement for single and multi-layer pipes and hoses
  • Process optimization and material savings
  • Low radiation power far below the permitted legal limits as well as other safety aspects
  • Standardized process data interface (OPC-UA)


The iXRAY solves almost all measuring, automation and documentation tasks for single and multi-layer pipes and hoses. Thanks to a precise spatial resolution and repeatabilities in the µm range, the system reliably generates exact measurement data. At high line speeds, the X-ray system - optionally two or three axes - delivers precise measurement results. The standard systems are available for pipe dimensions from 1 to 63 mm. The iXRAY series is user-friendly and the line operator only has to select the pipe, hose, or cable recipe to start the measurement. Highest line efficiency while saving raw material is achieved by combining it with gravimetric solutions and the proven iNOEX process components. This makes the iXRAY X-ray systems a complete solution for the automation of extrusion lines. Furthermore, the X-ray units do not present any hazard to the operator. The radiation output is far below the permitted legal limits and other safety aspects ensure safe use.

Extensions and options:

  • S-min control
  • Thermal/mechanical die head centering
  • Foldable radiation protection tubes
  • Air shower
  • Pipe guiding
  • Mass throughput control*
  • Weight per meter control via haul-off/extruder*
  • Thin section control*
  • Ramp function*

* in combination with iNOEX gravimetric system

Further advantages/features:

  • Measurement of wall thickness distribution, inner and outer diameter, ovality and eccentricity
  • Up to 6 wall thickness values on the pipe or hose circumference
  • Up to 3 diameter axes at 120° angle
  • High repeatability
  • High precision X-ray tubes with anode voltage up to 60 kV
  • Non-contact measurement, no seal, and no dimension-dependent accessories
  • Simple operation with little training required
TypeAxesPipe dimensions (mm)Viewing area (mm)Opening (mm)Repeatability (µm)
iXRAY 1621 – 1623


iXRAY 3225 – 32501005**
iXRAY 6326 - 638010010**

**Depending on material and application. For a particular application field, the respective data are specified precisely.


iXRAY Data sheet

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