Terahertz technology uses the latest THz ultrashort pulse laser technology. This allows the measurement of layer thicknesses from 100 µm with a measuring rate of 100 Hz. Terahertz lies in the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared radiation and microwaves. In QUANTUM systems, the terahertz pulses are generated optically with the aid of a laser, thus achieving a very high frequency with a wide bandwidth. Main applications are the measurement of thin films or multilayer measurements. In the inline systems, a sensor reverses around the pipe. Thus, the coverage corresponds to a full 360° over the entire circumference of the pipe. Furthermore, due to the low photon energy, terahertz is not ionizing.

Further advantages/features:

  • High measuring frequency and large wall thickness measuring ranges
  • Wall thickness, diameter, and multilayer measurements
  • Process analysis/process automation and complete documentation in database system
  • Standardized process data interface (OPC-UA)
  • Automatic centering of the measuring mechanics and automatic focusing of the THz sensor


The QUANTUM 360 has a terahertz sensor that reverses along the pipe to be measured. The coverage corresponds to a full 360° over the entire circumference of the pipe. This allows a very accurate overview of all process parameters. After selecting the pipe recipe, the QUANTUM 360 detects the pipe position, centers itself automatically to the pipe via a cross table and the sensor is automatically moved into focus. When changing dimensions, only a change of the pipe recipe is required. Due to the high measuring frequency, wall thickness, diameter and multi-layer measurements are possible with layer thicknesses from 100 μm. This measurement system is therefore primarily used in PVC foam pipe production. In combination with gravimetry, thermal centering and other modules, the QUANTUM 360 provides a complete solution for the automation of pipe extrusion lines.

Further advantages/features:

  • Detailed product information (wall thickness, diameter, eccentricity, ovality)
  • Process automation through proven control principles
  • Non-contact measurement, no seals and no dimension-dependent accessories required
  • Material savings of up to 5%
  • Coextrusion measurement
TypePipe dimensions (mm)
QUANTUM 360 / 25032 – 250
QUANTUM 360 / 40063 – 400
QUANTUM 360 / 63090 – 630


QUANTUM Data sheet

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