Our cooperation is characterized by a clear mission statement and a focus on customer needs. This is based on our values and principles. With enthusiasm and passion we work every day on our claim "inspire beyond measurement".



We are the most innovative solution provider for measurement technology in the plastics industry. Today and in the future.



As pioneers and experts, we offer our customers added value in the pipe, hose, film, cable and profile extrusion industry. Our high-quality products, equipped with outstanding user-friendliness, provide intelligent and innovative solutions that stand as key factors for sustainable success.

Corporate values

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Inspiration is the source of innovation.

We bring passion and innovative thinking together because we know that active engagement is essential to achieving the best results. We inspire our customers and partners to work with us to create the best results.



Innovation fuels success.

This includes taking risks, encouraging people to pursue revolutionary ideas, and constantly striving to exceed expectations. Through innovation, we create outstanding products for our customers and set new standards in the extrusion industry.



We always seek the very best for our customers and, in turn, for ourselves.

Integrity is the foundation for everything. We consider fairness and respect for our customers and our colleagues alike to be of the utmost importance.

Innovation – Performance – Success

In order to provide our customers with guaranteed high quality and reliable products, we have made it our mission to exceed industry standards. Whether it is industry solutions, software, processes or services, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our innovative strength is characterized by commitment, passion, structure and investment in research and development. Respect and fairness are an integral part of our interaction with our customers and employees.

We passionately produce trend-setting solutions that add more value, increase efficiency and enable our customers to operate successfully in an increasingly competitive environment. We have a common goal and act responsibly, individually and with a focus on the future. Our fast response times, reliable and consistent processing of customer requests and the dynamic development of our range of services are part of our quality management.

We are all connected by our success. Together we as iNOEX GmbH want to advance. Cooperation, collaboration and communication are important cornerstones of our company. We offer the same esteem to everyone and stand up for each other. Our experience, our knowledge, our skills and our creativity are the keys to our success. A highly dedicated team is the most valuable asset for a company. It handles all tasks with a strong awareness of quality and personal responsibility. The company's goals are always kept in focus, because this is the best way to produce the high quality of our products, services and operations.

Our history

For more than 40 years, the name "iNOEX" has been associated with trendsetting technology and ground-breaking inventions for measurement and control technology. Our core areas are in the building sector, infrastructure and automotive industries, our automation products are designed for the pipe, tube, cable, film and profile extrusion, our speciality is the data management.

In close consultation with our customers, we will endeavour to shape our future as successfully and excitingly as we have done in the past. With innovative strength, a willingness to shift boundaries and a comprehensive range of products and services, we are committed to satisfying our customers.

More than three decades of industrial measurement and control technology at iNOEX are a landmark on the way to becoming an established industry leader. The successful, long-term partnerships with our customers and the daily challenge of providing the perfect solution for your needs have always motivated us and driven our new developments.

We look forward to working on many exciting projects and meeting new technological challenges presented by our customers in the forthcoming coming decades.


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