Radar technology relies on intelligent sensor technology based on FMCW microchips, with the wave being generated purely electronically on the chip. This allows non-conductive materials such as plastic to be tested non-destructively and without contact. The speed of the wave in plastic is slower compared to air and can vary between different materials. This difference in speed causes partial reflections of the incoming wave at the material transition. The travel time of these reflected echoes allows the wall thickness of the layer to be determined. In this way, radar sensor technology can be used to determine geometry properties such as wall thickness, pipe diameter and ovality, as well as material properties such as permittivity and carbon black content. iNOEX has reinvented the core of radar, the radar technology itself, with the associated precision electronics and optics, and adapted it to the needs of the plastics market. The radar technology can be used with all common plastics such as PE, L-/HDPE, PP, PA6/-12, PVC, PVDF, etc. without any limitations in measurement accuracy. The measuring accuracy is ±0.05 mm. Since no coupling medium is needed to emit and receive the radar waves, this application is very robust, reliable, and independent of process fluctuations.

Advantages of inline systems:

  • High-precision measuring data
  • Up to 100 % tube coverage and diameter measurement on up to 19 axes
  • Process analysis/process automation and complete documentation in the database system
  • Standardized process data interface (OPC-UA)
  • Simple operation without conversion work when changing dimensions, automatic system centering and automatic calibration
  • Maintenance possible during ongoing production


The WARP 8 is an inline pipe measuring system for wall thickness and diameter measurement at 8 points or 4 axes. It provides all important measurement data required for manual or automated process optimization and control. In addition to the short return-of-invest time, the system offers high measurement accuracy as well as process automation and documentation functions. The static sensors allow a high resolution of the measured values in the extrusion direction. Thus, process fluctuations are precisely recorded and visible, so that effects such as short-term fluctuations in output or backpressure effects during the sawing process can be detected and eliminated. The WARP 8 specializes in large wall thicknesses and diameters and offers a particularly wide range of applications.

Further advantages/features:

  • Diameter range from 60 to 1200 mm (five sizes)
  • Wall thickness range from 2 up to 250 mm (depending on material)
  • Short ROI period
  • Ideal for process optimization
TypeSizeNo. of sensorsPipe dimensions (mm)Accuracy* (mm)Measuring frequency (Hz)
WARP 8250825 – 250

±0,03 (154 GHz Chip)

±0,05 (80 GHz Chip)
112 - 232
40060 – 400
63090 – 630
8008, 16160 – 900224 - 464
1200250 – 1200

*Wall thickness measurement

WARP 100 is an inline pipe measuring system for wall thickness and diameter measurement at up to 38 measuring points and 19 axes. More than 1100 measurements per second guarantee a gapless measurement. This is particularly important for pipes with high quality requirements, such as pressure or gas pipes. The maximum line speed for 100% coverage is up to 11.8 m/min. WARP 100 is available in three sizes and can be used for measurement in the diameter range from 25 to 630 mm. The static sensors are distributed around the pipe and continuously measure the pipe in parallel. The specially developed optics allow the alignment of the radar wave to be focused on the centre of the pipe. The sensors are arranged in such a way that the measuring spots overlap, thus ensuring close-meshed coverage in the extrusion direction. Measured variables such as wall thickness, diameter, ovality, eccentricity as well as process conditions (e.g. sagging) are precisely recorded, documented, and further used for automatic process control.

Further advantages/features:

  • Measurement with 100% pipe coverage in diameter range from 25 to 630 mm (three sizes)
  • Wall thickness range from 2 up to 125 mm (depending on material)
  • Detection of thin sections within the tube
  • 100% documentation of production according to specifications
TypeSizeNo. of sensorsPipe dimensions (mm)Accuracy* (mm)Measuring frequency (Hz)
WARP 1002501325 – 250

±0,03 (154 GHz Chip)


±0,05 (80 GHz Chip)
234 – 754
WARP 1004001760 – 400306 – 986
WARP 1006301990 – 630342 – 1102

*Wall thickness measurement

The WARP CP is an inline measuring system with radar-based wall thickness sensors for detecting the various structures of a corrugated pipe. Outer and inner diameters, as well as the wall thicknesses of the bell, crest, liner, and valley can be resolved. The system is available for large, corrugated pipes with diameters from 300 mm.

The 8 sensors around the corrugated tube scan it continuously. Since the corrugated tube has different structures, it is therefore necessary to assign the measurement data to the corresponding position on or in the tube. The WARP CP algorithms do this automatically and prepare the data for the user in such a way that he receives different graphics and corresponding measurement data for each structure.

Further advantages/features:

  • Non-destructive, contactless, and automated inline measurement of all relevant structures of the corrugated tube
  • No waste due to destructive measurement
  • Repair of critical thick and thin spots
  • Saving of material overweight in the end product
  • Continuous process monitoring and complete production documentation
TypeSizeDimensions (mm)No. of sensorsPipe dimensionsAccuracy (mm)Measuring frequency (Hz)


8002417 x 2106 x 7658
300 I.D. - 900 O.D. mm
(12 I.D. - 36 O.D. inch)
± 0,05 wall thickness
± 0,07 diameter
12002562 x 2304 x 765450 I.D. – 1200 O.D. mm
(18 I.D. - 48 O.D. inch)

The WARP portable is a mobile, radar-based hand-held gauge for selective wall thickness measurement, specially designed for medium and large pipe extrusion as well as for sheets. The application possibilities are very flexible, whether as a quick centering aid in the start-up process, for final production control or as a stock control device. Not only wall thicknesses at pipe ends can be measured, but also the progression inside a pipe section or a sheet. The measurement itself is performed at the push of a button. The last 500 measured values including the measuring angle on the pipe as well as the time stamp are stored.

Over 400 WARP portable sold speak for themselves.

Proven technology now also for Industrial Packaging applications

Radar-based measuring technology has been established in pipe extrusion for years thanks to its precision and reliability. Due to its flexibility, it can cover a wide range of applications and is thus also suitable for numerous Industrial Packaging applications.

The iNOEX WARP portable offers a non-contact, non-destructive alternative to previous measuring technologies in the industrial packaging sector that either had to be carried out destructively or were complicated and time-consuming in terms of the measuring process.

WARP portable for industrial packaging applications

Further advantages/features:

  • Hand-held measuring device for wall thicknesses from 2 to 110 mm (depending on material)
  • Measured value log including measuring position on the pipe (last 500 measured values)
  • Intuitive handling
  • Splash-proof housing (IP54)
TypeNo. of sensorsPipe dimensions (mm)Reproducibility* (mm)Accuracy (mm)Measuring frequency (Hz)
WARP portable160 mm - any size±0,01

±0,03 (154 GHz Chip)

±0,05 (80 GHz Chip)

manually (max. 0,5 Hz)

*Wall thickness measurement

The WARP GAUGE sensor enables the automated and continuous measurement of plastic hollow bodies from a wall thickness of 2 mm. With the non-destructive and contactless measurement method based on radar technology, immediate product control can be carried out after the production of the hollow body, as well as further control steps to continuously improve production results. With up to 8 measurements per second, the wall thickness of the product can be accurately detected.

An OPC-UA interface enables integration into the machine and ensures live transmission of measurement data. This data can be used to detect production inaccuracies that do not meet the standards early and to adjust them immediately. Various products manufactured by blow molding or rotomolding, such as barrels, IBC containers, liners for type IV pressure vessels or other plastic hollow bodies can be measured.

The goal of measuring plastic products with radar technology is to replace the destruction of samples or the use of methods with coupling media and to establish itself as a sustainable optimization solution in Industrial Packaging. The use of innovative technology is essential not only in terms of time and material savings but also to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers, comply with increasing quality standards and obtain corresponding certifications. It is particularly important to completely exclude defective end products, especially for dangerous goods.

WARP GAUGE in Industrial Packaging:

  • Non-destructive measurement and documentation
  • Identification of critical points (e.g. thin and thick spots)
  • Regulation options via WDS, PWDS® and SFDR®
  • Optimization of product quality
  • Time and material savings


WARP Data sheet
WARP portable Data sheet
WARP CP Data sheet

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