iBA – fully automated PE-Xa pipe production in perfection.

First-class product quality, guaranteed cross-linking, maximum line speed and more flexibility for a new dimension of economy and safety.

Founded in 1979, iBA GmbH is a sister company of iNOEX GmbH and sees itself as a driving force in the extrusion industry. iBA is based in Melle, Germany. It offers overall solutions starting with the analysis of the entire extrusion process, to consulting in process optimization, up to the development of new process solutions and technologies in pipe extrusion. With over 15 years of experience, iBA today offers single-stage PE-Xa pipe extrusion for pipe dimensions from 10 - 32 mm under the PEXLINK brand name. Considering all process parameters, a fully automated manufacturing process is ensured.

PEXLINK product range:

  • SAVEOMAT conveying station
  • SAVEOMAT metering station
  • Vertical infrared oven

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Further advantages/features:

  • Detailed product information (wall thickness, diameter, eccentricity, ovality)
  • Continuous verification of compliance with product specifications
  • Process automation through control of wall thickness, diameter, weight per meter and mass throughput
  • Consistent production due to constant wall thickness and centering of tubes and hoses
  • Material savings of up to 5%

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