Industrial Packaging - Process Automation and Sustainability

Sustainability, reduced material consumption, increasing quality standards and extensive process automation are the crucial future topics. The overall term Industrial Packaging encompasses various applications (such as drums, liners, IBC containers, tanks and canisters) and manufacturing processes (such as blow molding, rotational molding and extrusion), which also have to meet the challenges mentioned above.

For the first time, iNOEX radar technology offers the possibility of comprehensively, automatically and non-destructively recording quality data of products in these areas and using them for process control purposes. This includes wall thicknesses, component dimensions and component-specific geometrical features. The measuring systems can also be used for documenting component quality or for incoming goods inspection.

Labour-intensive manual component measurements using ultrasonic or magnetic measurement, as well as labour-intensive destructive component analyses, are eliminated or significantly reduced. Automated radar measuring systems pave the way from spot quality control to 100 % control. The so-called free testing of entire production batches can be eliminated if necessary and users can react much earlier to process or material-related changes.

Further information and insights into the basics of radar technology, as well as the functioning of sensors, are explained in the Industrial Packaging section. Furthermore, manufacturing processes, various applications and corresponding automation steps are presented.​

Basics of Radar Technology and Sensorics

Radar technology (electromagnetic waves) can be used to test plastic non-destructively and without contact. The propagation speed is material-dependent and partial reflections of the incident wave occur at the material transition. Echo run time difference enables precise determination of the wall thickness. With the help of radar sensors, geometry properties such as wall thickness or sensor distance to the component can be determined. The radar radiation emitted by the sensor is low-energy and therefore harmless.


The intuitive operation of the WARP portable as a mobile hand measuring device for recording quality data greatly facilitates the spot-checking of measured values. In the Industrial Packaging sector, destructive tests were often carried out to release entire production batches or preparation-intensive measuring methods such as ultrasound or magnetic measurements were used. This video shows how a barrel is quickly and easily measured with the WARP portable at the push of a button.


The flexibility of radar technology is particularly evident in the measurement of complex components and components with a high degree of variability (in this case, a 40-liter hydrogen pressure vessel liner). The WARP GAUGE sensor can be guided over the component surface via a kinematics and automatically records the corresponding wall thickness and distance information. This allows the component contour, component warping and wall thickness distribution over the entire component to be determined. The recorded measured values can be used for documentation or process control purposes.


Radar technology for Industrial Packaging:


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