WARP portable

The WARP portable is a mobile, radar-based handheld device for non-destructive, point-like wall thickness measurement. Today, several hundred systems are already in use, mainly in medium and large pipe extrusion as a quick centering aid in the start-up process, for final inspection of production or as a stock control device.

In the field of Industrial Packaging, destructive measurements are often carried out on a sampling basis. Non-destructive methods using ultrasound measurement are also used, but they are cumbersome and complicated due to the application and removal of a coupling medium (e.g. gel) and the strong dependence of the measurement on the component temperature. Other measurement methods that work by introducing a metallic ball into the containers and detecting it with a magnetic probe are also very time-consuming.

These costly and time-consuming measurement methods are being replaced by the WARP portable. The WARP portable measures wall thicknesses non-destructively and independently of the material temperature from 2 mm. The handheld device is placed on the product to be measured using a centering aid and the measurement is taken at the push of a button. The last 500 measurement values, including the measurement angle and time stamp, are stored for later data evaluation.

WARP portable in Industrial Packaging:

  • Simple, precise, non-destructive handheld device
  • Wall thicknesses from 2 mm can be measured
  • Measurement memory (last 500 measurement values) for later evaluation
  • Intuitive handling
  • Proven solution in the industrial environment

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