The WARP GAUGE sensor enables the automated and continuous measurement of plastic hollow bodies from a wall thickness of 2 mm. With the non-destructive and contactless measurement method based on radar technology, immediate product control can be carried out after the production of the hollow body, as well as further control steps to continuously improve production results. With up to 8 measurements per second, the wall thickness of the product can be accurately detected.

An OPC-UA interface enables integration into the machine and ensures live transmission of measurement data. This data can be used to detect production inaccuracies that do not meet the standards early and to adjust them immediately. Various products manufactured by blow molding or rotomolding, such as barrels, IBC containers, liners for type IV pressure vessels or other plastic hollow bodies can be measured.

The goal of measuring plastic products with radar technology is to replace the destruction of samples or the use of methods with coupling media and to establish itself as a sustainable optimization solution in Industrial Packaging. The use of innovative technology is essential not only in terms of time and material savings but also to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers, comply with increasing quality standards and obtain corresponding certifications. It is particularly important to completely exclude defective end products, especially for dangerous goods.

WARP GAUGE in Industrial Packaging:

  • Non-destructive measurement and documentation
  • Identification of critical points (e.g. thin and thick spots)
  • Regulation options via WDS, PWDS® and SFDR®
  • Optimization of product quality
  • Time and material savings

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