Rotational molding is a manufacturing process for plastic parts. In this process, the mold is filled with raw material, heated, rotated, cooled and the end product is removed. The wall thickness of the plastic is built up layer by layer through the rotating movements, enabling the production of seamless hollow objects without pinchlines. Rotomolding is predominantly used to manufacture smaller and more complex end products with particularly large volumes, such as fuel tanks, containers and special industrial applications.

Comparatively long cycle times make efficient, non-destructive quality assurance essential to achieve increased productivity. It is necessary to measure the end product promptly after production and to measure it nearly completely. iNOEX's radar-based measurement technology enables this for wall thicknesses of 2 mm or more. Thus, even slight production deviations within the wall thickness can be identified and corrected directly in the subsequent component.

With WARP GAUGE, automatic and continuous measurement of the end product is made possible. The WARP portable is used for precise manual measurements. The measurement memory holds 500 measurements and can be exported for further documentation.

Radar technology for rotomolding:

  • Quality assurance through continuous measurements
    (measurement of each component is possible)
  • Efficient detection of critical thin and thick spots
  • Non-destructive and contactless measuring method
  • Achievement of material savings
  • Time savings through reproducible data acquisition

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