Process control

iNOEX's goal is to provide precise measuring systems that offer suitable measurement bases for process control in terms of data quality and quantity. Process control and automated quality monitoring are important key topics given the increasing shortage of skilled workers, increasingly complex production processes and advancing digitalization.

To implement process control for Industrial Packaging applications, it is necessary to measure the components as soon as possible after manufacture to be able to react quickly to changes. Alternatively, measurements can even be taken directly in the process (e.g. on the extruded parison in blow molding). Precise intervention in the manufacturing process can be made based on the measurement data by adjusting the appropriate controls. In blow molding, these are two direct control options. On the one hand, the wall thickness profile (WDS) can be adjusted and on the other hand, the melt can be diverted using partial wall thickness control (PWDS) over the circumference of the blow head. Influence can also be exerted on the process through mostly manual adjustment options on the mandrel (e.g. SFDR - Static Flexible Deformable Ring).

iNOEX works closely with the respective process experts of its customers who have many years of know-how to set up the control loops. The measuring task is specified together and the necessary data are defined to enable control.

Critical factors for successful process control are:

  • Availability of the right process and/or component data
  • Possibilities for direct and automatable influence on the process
  • In-depth process understanding and consistent interpretation of the available measurement data
  • Flexible measurement technology for data acquisition for adaptation to different products and variants

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