Liner for hydrogen pressure vessels

Hydrogen is becoming increasingly important as a versatile energy carrier, especially with regard to climate protection. Fiber composite containers (Type IV pressure vessels) offer an attractive alternative to steel cylinders, especially for mobile applications such as in the automotive sector or as mobile storage modules. They are up to 70 % lighter and can withstand very high loads. The liner forms the actual pressure vessel in which the hydrogen is stored. As a necessary hydrogen barrier, it is responsible for the tightness of the container under high pressure (up to 700 bar operating pressure). The component, usually made by blow molding, rotational molding or joining, is subject to strict quality requirements and is responsible for the safety and durability of the Type IV pressure vessel.

iNOEX radar technology can make a decisive contribution to ensuring liner quality. In the cylindrical area, the wall thickness (from 2 mm), the diameter and the eccentricity can be checked non-destructively, contactless and automated. In the dome area, the contour as well as the wall thickness and deviations from the target geometry can be determined using suitable kinematics. In this way, critical thin areas can be identified as well as areas with excess material can be optimized.

iNOEX radar measuring systems can be flexibly used for a variety of liner sizes. From manual spot measurement with the WARP portable to fully automatic measurement of all produced liners using kinematics and the WARP GAUGE sensor.

Radar technology for optimized liner production:

  • Reproducibility and automatability of measurement data acquisition
  • Targeted analysis of critical areas
  • Identification of quality-critical thin areas
  • Detection of the container contour and analysis of deviations from the target contour
  • Measurement technology flexible to adapt to different sizes and materials

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