IBC Container

The Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) differs from barrels and cans particularly due to its large capacity. The rectangular shape of the IBC, consisting of a plastic hollow body placed on a pallet and surrounded by a grid, makes it stackable and space-saving. This also ensures compliance with individual requirements for dynamic and static loads. IBCs are an efficient and safe solution for storing and transporting larger quantities. Due to their reusability, they are also very environmentally friendly.

Typical applications are the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. When there are increased quality requirements such as pressure or hazardous goods applications, it is ensured that the leakage of fillings, aroma or flavour is prevented. Special attention is paid to the plastic hollow body, whose wall thicknesses must be reliably checked for critical thin and thick spots.

iNOEX's radar-based measurement technology makes it possible to identify these critical points and provide insights into process optimization. Faulty products are detected immediately after production. The WARP portable is used for manual measurements, while the WARP GAUGE sensor performs continuous measurements. Additionally, optimized distribution of wall thickness and reduction of wall thickness to the required minimum can save raw materials.

Radar technology for optimized IBC production:

  • Automated quality control of critical points
  • Optimized distribution of wall thickness
  • Significant increase in measuring points increases process transparency
  • Self-optimization through process control
  • Use of multiple sensors (different measuring points)

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