Open head drum, closed barrels and lid barrels are used for the transportation and storage of various liquids and goods. Compliance with standardized dimensions, high precision and stacking strength are just some of the criteria that must be met. Their usability is very versatile, depending on the industry and certification. Highly precise manufacturing and quality control are particularly important in quality-sensitive areas such as the semiconductor, electronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygiene industries to ensure that any risks are excluded.

Producing these standardized and certified end products requires an experienced operator and the adjustment of various parameters. Low-temperature drop tests and checking the crack resistance are used for error detection. Individual critical points require very precise quality checks to comply with safety standards.

iNOEX provides radar-based measurement technology to maintain and improve the precision of the barrels (such as distortion and wall thickness), enabling quality control in accordance with applicable standards. With the WARP portable, wall thickness measurements of the barrels can be carried out manually at various points. The WARP GAUGE offers an automated measurement solution that can measure 100 % of the produced components.

Axial and radial measurement of the barrels enables the optimization of thin and thick areas on the surface of the barrels, achieving up to 5 % material savings while enabling quality control.

Radar technology for barrel production:

  • Quality assurance to meet required standards
  • Complete wall thickness measurement (from 2 mm)
  • Detection of critical points in the final product (e.g. areas with high elongation, thin and thick spots)
  • Non-destructive and contactless measuring method
  • Possibilities for process control

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