Automated component measurement

For many Industrial Packaging applications, process control is only the next step. Top priority is reliable measurement data. The crucial advantage of radar technology here is that the measurement is non-destructive, precise and fast. Previously, destructive measurements or personnel- and time-intensive methods (e.g. ultrasonic measurements) were often used. This is not only expensive but also prevents close product monitoring. The step towards automated measurement and thus automated quality assurance and documentation is crucial for a wide range of applications. The reasons for this can be application-related as well as process-related. Application-related examples include the need to comply with strict regulations for transporting sensitive chemicals and goods. Process-related, production near the minimum allowable wall thickness is sought for sustainability and due to rising raw material prices.

In automatic measurement, the WARP GAUGE sensor is guided over the component by a kinematic (e.g. a robot) at a distance of about 300 mm. A network of measurement points is then obtained on the component from the combination of the sensor's movement speed and the measurement frequency. In addition to wall thickness information, the distance between the sensor and the component is also documented. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the component contour. The number of measurement points depends on the application and can be defined by the user.

iNOEX works with various partners in the field of kinematics. Of course, the kinematics can also be done by the customer. We are happy to advise you on how the position data of the kinematics can be used in combination with the measurement data of the sensors for further evaluations (contour detection, warpage).

Possibilities of automatic, radar-based component measurement:

  • A minimum wall thickness of 2 mm and the perpendicular positioning of the sensor to the component surface are required for measurability
  • Kinematics for scanning the component (complete scan, selected points) and for capturing the position data of the sensor
  • Radar technology can be flexibly used from goods receipt inspection to random analyses and up to 100 % measurement of all components.

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