iNOEX to Showcase Latest Technology in Profile Measurement and Inline Surface Inspection at ET ’24

State-of-the-art ASCONA promex solutions provide proactive measu¬rements and surface inspection at the press to support quality control in real time.


iNOEX, LLC, partnered with ASCONA GmbH, will exhibit at ET ‘24 Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar & Exposition, booth 106, its industry-leading optical measuring solutions for aluminum profile extrusion. ASCONA promex systems offer profile measurement and surface inspection wit­hin the production environment, providing critical feedback early in the extrusion process.

“Aluminum profile manufacturers today are faced with increasing profile com­plexity and the need for faster production times,” explains iNOEX, LLC President Adam Grier. “ASCONA promex solutions offer proactive, high-precision profile measurements and surface inspection at the press using today’s most advanced measurement technologies.”

As part of the ET ’24 seminar program, iNOEX will present two technical papers on the technology behind the newest ASCONA promex systems: promex CT for measurements at the press without sample preparation (presentation EP409) and promex CYRUS for inline surface inspection of profiles during production (presentation EE360).

promex EXPERT

  • Profile measuring directly at the press
  • Fast results for high tolerance requirements
  • Thermal break measurement
  • User-friendly, customizable software

promex CT

  • Profile measuring of micro-extrusions without the need for sample preparation
  • Computerized tomography technology
  • Measurements available in 120 seconds

promex CYRUS

  • Inline solution for surface inspection of aluminum profiles during the extrusion process
  • Surface inspection of defects such as blisters, scratches, tearing, pickups, stop marks, and more
  • AI-based software to categorize defects on the profile surface in real time

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