iNOEX Partners with Alpha-Tex to Serve the Extrusion Market in Mexico

Alpha-Tex named the exclusive agent in Mexico for the iNOEX product portfolio of industrial measurement and control technology.


iNOEX, LLC, a subsidiary of iNOEX GmbH, has signed Alpha-Tex de México, S.A. de C.V. as its exclusive agent in Mexico for the sale of its portfolio of measurement and control technology to the extrusion market.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Alpha-Tex as our exclusive partner of the iNOEX product line in Mexico,” explains iNOEX, LLC President Adam Grier. “Alpha-Tex enjoys an excellent reputation in the extrusion industry for its decades of technical expertise and commitment to helping extruders solve their greatest challenges.”

A family-owned business with roots in the textile spinning industry, Alpha-Tex was founded in 1996 and has been serving companies in the plastic extrusion industry for over 20 years. Alpha-Tex represents companies that specialize in solutions for flat sheet, film, pipe, and profile extrusion as well as thermoforming. Its headquarters are located in Mexico City.

“Alpha-Tex is proud to partner with iNOEX to support the plastic extrusion market in Mexico,” says Alpha-Tex President, Tobias Schumacher. “For forty years, iNOEX has stood for innovation and quality, and we look forward to helping plastic extruders in Mexico benefit from this industry-leading technology.”

Alpha-Tex will offer iNOEX‘s gravimetric weighing solutions, as well as its cutting-edge ultrasonic, radar, and X-ray measurement technologies. It will also offer promex solutions for advanced plastic profile measurement.


About Alpha-Tex

Alpha-Tex de Mexico is dedicated to the sale of machinery and spare parts for vari­ous industries. Founded in 1996, it first offered diverse services in the textile industry and later expanded into the plastics industry. Alpha-Tex is an agent for companies that offer state-of-the-art technology in both markets with offices in Mexico City.

From left: Jan Lohoff (CEO, iNOEX GmbH), Tobias Schumacher (President, Alpha-Tex), Adam Grier (President, iNOEX, LLC), Germán Schumacher (Director, Alpha-Tex)

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