iNOEX Celebrates Forty Years of Intelligent Measurement and Control Solutions at NPE2024

Expanded product portfolio highlights the importance of automated technology for the plastics extrusion industry.


iNOEX, LLC, a subsidiary of iNOEX GmbH, will exhibit at NPE2024: The Plastics Show, booth W2089, its extensive portfolio of high-pre­cision measurement and control technology for the plastics extrusion industry. The portfolio includes measurement solutions for pipe, tube, cable, film, and profile extrusion applications as well as data management software for the visu­alization of extrusion line processes and quality control data.

This year, iNOEX proudly celebrates forty years of measurement excellence. From the inception of the SAVEOMAT gravimetric dosing system in 1984, fol­lowed by the ultrasonic-based AUREX system, the groundbreaking radar-based WARP technology, and now iXRAY as the newest addition to iNOEX’s innovative product line, the company continues to pursue its mission to “inspire beyond measurement” through ongoing investment in research and development.

“The need for intelligent, automated measurement technology has become cru­cial as plastic extruders face challenges ranging from rising raw material costs to skilled labor shortages and increasingly stringent industry standards,” explains iNOEX, LLC President Adam Grier. “iNOEX is committed to addressing these challenges by developing new technologies that help plant managers and line operators save material, time, and resources.”

As the exclusive partner for local sales and service of the ASCONA promex pro­duct line in North America, iNOEX will also feature at its booth the ASCONA promex BASIC FAST system. The plug-and-play solution captures and measures all profile dimensions in production and lab environments.

Systems displayed at the NPE:

WARP CP 1200

  • Radar-based non-contact inline measurement for corrugated pipe
  • Wall thickness distribution, diameter, eccentricity, and ovality measurement
  • Automatic sensor centering

WARP portable

  • Mobile radar-based handheld device
  • Wall thickness measurement with immediate results
  • Specifically designed for medium and large pipes


  • High-precision wall thickness and diameter measurement
  • State-of-the-art X-ray components combined with the latest sensor technology
  • Three-axis measurement


  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement for single and multi-layer pipes
  • Measurement by up to 96 sensors
  • 100 % inspection lengthwise and along the circumference based on active/passive measurement


  • Continuous and highly accurate gravimetric weighing and level monitoring of solid and liquid materials
  • Constant mass throughput with raw material savings of up to 5 %
  • Suitable for complex recipes and special applications (with up to 7 compo­nents)

iDM 4.0

  • Retrofittable for all iNOEX systems and a wide range of equipment (upon consultation)
  • Local data storage to safeguard sensitive quality control and process data
  • Extensive, customizable dashboard design options
  • Easily scalable (integration of new lines or equipment, cross-plant evaluati­ons, new user groups)


  • Plug-and-play system with digital camera and a telecentric lens to achieve 100 % profile measurement
  • Measurement cycle time of 3-5 seconds
  • Data logging of all measurement results for historical analysis
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