iNOEX at Chinaplas 2023

iNOEX is pleased to present the latest product developments in the field of high-precision measurement and control technology at Chinaplas 2023. Innovative solutions for more efficient extrusion processes - whether for pipe, tubing, cable, film or profiles - as well as versatile application possibilities await you at booth 10C35.


WARP 100

Inline pipe measuring system for wall thickness and diameter measurement at up to 38 measuring points and 19 axes. More than 1100 measurements per second guarantee a complete measurement. The WARP 100 in is available in three sizes and can be used for measurements in the diameter range from 60 to 630 mm.

WARP portable

Mobile, radar-based hand-held measuring device for punctual wall thickness measurement, specially designed for medium and large pipe extrusion as well as for sheets. Wall thicknesses from 2 to 110 mm (depending on the material) can be measured. Whether as a quick centring aid in the start-up process, for final inspection of production or as a stock control device, the possible applications are very flexible.


The AUREX MK is the complete solution for pipe dimensions from 0.5 - 400 mm. It enables compliance with the specified tolerances for wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter and ovality. Thanks to the combination of high-quality electronics with innovative measuring methods, up to 7 layers from 0.02 mm wall thickness can be evaluated.


Gravimetric weighing is the basis for the automation of extrusion lines. Continuous and highly precise gravimetric weighing and level monitoring of solid and liquid materials, enable material savings through exact mass throughput and metre weight control.

The funnel weighers are suitable for a wide range of materials and, in addition to the high level of precision, also offer maximum flexibility through easy cleaning and a quick product change. They are controlled by means of an intuitive user interface.

promex Basic Fast – Dimensional Metrology

promex BASIC FAST is the entry-level model for measurements in the laboratory. Fast measurements are guaranteed as the systems are equipped with a digital camera and a telecentric lens. This plug-and-play solution is connected to a computer and measurements can be taken. By using the flip function, larger profiles can be measured by manually rotating the specimen. Specimen preparation requirements: burr-free, flat and rectangular.

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