CiTEX Holding GmbH announces the acquisition of PIXARGUS

Strengthening of sensor/measurement technology expertise in extrusion technology and expansion of research and development activities in the field of data science.

CiTEX Holding GmbH announced the acquisition of PIXARGUS GmbH, based in W├╝rselen, Germany. The technically specialised company has been offering inline quality control for extrusion products for 20 years, using unique image processing technology to detect and document flaws and material changes as part of automated surface inspection and geometry measurement of profiles, hoses, pipes, cables, and sheets made of plastic, metal, paper, and fibre composites, primarily for medium-sized customers in Europe.

The acquisition underlines CiTEX Holding GmbH's commitment to consolidating its position as a leading provider of sensor and measurement technology and advanced digitalisation solutions worldwide, through its subsidiary iNOEX GmbH, and to distinguishing itself as a leading provider in the global plastics extrusion market.

In addition, Dr Ralph Klose was appointed CO-CEO of CiTEX Holding GmbH. "We are delighted to be able to utilise the expertise of PIXARGUS for our global customers, particularly with regard to the growth potential in the USA, China and Asia. We will also be able to draw on a wealth of data and knowledge as part of our data science activities," says Dr. Ralph Klose.

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