WARP portable used by Westfälische Kunststofftechnik

Stefan Depmer, Head of Technologies and Operations with the company WKT still remembers former days when reliable and efficient wall thickness measurement was carried out by ultrasonic devices but only at the end of the pipe production process due to different temperature gradients in the pipe wall.

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Stefan Depmer, Head of Technology and Operations, and Türkayan Güneyik, Operations Manager PE, check the pipe wall thickness during the ongoing production process. Image: Westfälische Kunststofftechnik

A check at such a late stage and the late intervention into the process resulted into a high scrap rate. WARP portable – the iNOEX handheld system based on Terahertz technology offers high-precision wall thickness measurement – the perfect solution for WKT.

More than 8 years ago, iNOEX recognized the advantages of this key technology Terahertz at a very early stage and developed it to the now trendsetting measuring technique which is suitable for industrial surroundings. WARP portable is proven evidence of the comprehensive know-how iNOEX possesses in this field, the company is regarded as the inventor of mobile Terahertz.

WARP portable, which has been developed on the basis of a sophisticated chip-based radar technology is designed for the mobile and precise wall thickness measurement of extruded mono layer pipes, large-sized sockets and plastic sheets. Inline and offline random measurement checks can be carried out within seconds and very reliably with this mobile handheld system.

„This innovation has found our approval very quickly“, commended Depmer this device. „The battery-powered handheld system with a running time of approx. 8 hours meets exactly our needs in the pipe extrusion process. We are able to gain reliable measuring results directly at the end of the vacuum tank. This early measurement and thus the option to intervene at a very early stage have lead to enormous savings, up to approx. 40 m in the extrusion line, explains Stefan Depmer.

You can find the whole Success Story as a PDF HERE!

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